‘Little People Big World’: Jackson & Lilah Celebrate Christmas First

Little People Big World fans know that Jackson Roloff really loves Christmas time. Each year, his mom and dad take him out to choose the tree. Plus, they reveal him sitting next to the toy train that runs around it after they decorate it for the season. However, it seems little Lilah doesn’t quite appreciate what all the fuss is about just yet.

Indeed, Lilah might appreciate the season more as she gets older. Meanwhile, the brother and sister did something recently that they’d never done before.

Little People Big World: TLC Family Take Vacation Following Jackson Roloff’s Surgery

At the end of November, Jackson went in for surgery. Little People Big World fans expected that one day, he might get corrective surgery to fix the bowing in his legs. As TLC watchers remember, Zach went through two invasive surgeries as a kid.

Luckily for Jackson, everything seems to have gone well with his surgery – and he recovers nicely. Initially, he navigated around on a walker. But, he soon ditched it, and he is able to move around on his own.

Following Jackson’s surgery, the Little People Big World family took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. It was a nice getaway for the entire family after Jackson’s ordeal – and everyone got a much-needed break. And Tori shared plenty of photos of the family enjoying everything the historic city has to offer.

Meanwhile, this was a historic vacation in more ways than one, as Tori Roloff revealed the first baby bump of her current pregnancy. Naturally, Little People Big World watchers are eager to meet the third baby from Zach and Tori. So, this first glimpse at the bun in the oven was a big moment for the entire family – and their followers, too.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff
Little People Big World: Tori Roloff/Instagram

Jackson & Lilah Experience a Christmas First

Recently, Tori Roloff told her Little People Big World followers that Santa has not been “encouraged” or “discouraged” in the Roloff household. Tori added that Jackson wanted to see Santa this year. So, that’s what the family did. Tori added that she tried to get them to meet Santa in previous years. But, this was the first time the Roloff children wanted to.

Meanwhile, even though Jackson was happy to see St Nick based on the pic Tori Roloff shared, Lilah was not too thrilled with the encounter. You can see a big smile on Jackson’s face. But Lilah, on the other hand, is not amused.

Of course, Little People Big World fans had a lot to say about this first encounter for Jackson and Lilah. One of them said: “Oh my goodness Jackson is so excited! That smile is absolutely amazing! Poor Lilah girl just hasn’t quite figured it out yet but she looks equally adorable! Thanks for sharing this! I miss my babies being this small!”

Meanwhile, another viewer had something to say about Lilah’s expression, saying: “I love this! Jackson is so excited and Lilah…not so much!”

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff
Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff – Lilah Roloff/Instagram

Little People Big World: Can Tori & Zach Best Matt’s Christmas Surprise from Last Year?

Little People Big World fans saw that last year, Matt Roloff went all-out. He had a special surprise for Jackson – one that he likely won’t forget. During the holiday family get-together, Matt rode in on a big train – and the look on Jackson’s face was priceless. Hopefully, for Tori and Zach’s wallet, Jackson doesn’t ask Santa for something equally extravagant this year.

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