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‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Claps Back at Troll – Goes into ‘Mama Bear’ Mode

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Claps Back at Troll – Goes into ‘Mama Bear’ Mode
Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seldom claps back when watchers say insensitive things. However, she always sticks up for her family. In fact, she even defends Kody on occasion. When she started her Friday With Friends live on social media, she warned fans not to troll or ask invasive questions. Meanwhile, it looks like someone never got the memo. A troll called her daughter Mariah a “misfit”, and Meri went off on them.

Sister WivesMeri Brown Defends Her Family

Earlier this year, Sister Wives fans saw that Meri stepped up to defend her husband, Kody. Meanwhile, this was a surprise, given his usually snarky attitude toward her. Over the past three seasons, he repeatedly told fans that he doesn’t love her as a wife. Still, she takes the humiliation with grace and remains stalwart.

As Sister Wives watchers remember, Meri Brown defended her husband when rumors made the rounds of Kody potentially taking on a fifth wife. When fans started placing bets that he would, she clapped back – saying they’d “lose” that bet.

Sister Wives fans know that the daughter of Meri Brown came out as a lesbian years ago. It took Meri some time to get over the idea that she didn’t do anything wrong when she missed the signs. Clearly, these days, she is supportive of Mariah and her fiance, Audrey Kriss. One of her biggest fears was that she might never have a grandchild. However, in late 2020, the couple discussed the possibility of expanding their family – and they will probably go for it in the future.

More recently, Audrey came out as trans on social media, and a lot of fans applauded her. However, some think Mariah’s nothing more than a “misfit”.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Audrey Kriss
Sister Wives: Mariah Brown – Audrey Kriss/YouTube

Meri Defends Mariah

Whatever Sister Wives fans think of Meri Brown, there’s no denying that she steps up to the plate to defend her family when the situation calls for it. And, she did just that for Mariah recently.

Meri Brown went in on those that had bad things to say about her daughter – and she didn’t hold back. Kody Brown’s wife had an F-bomb for her haters. In addition, she noted that trolls don’t have the right to name-call her “child”. By this point, it was clear that she went into full-on “mama bear” mode to defend her kin. And, she let the haters have it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives Fans React

With Meri Brown getting fired up to defend her family, Sister Wives fans had a lot to say about her response and how she handled the situation. One watcher sided with Meri – saying that she can’t be blamed for her reaction. Moreover, many agree that it’s only natural for a mother to come to the defense of her child.

In addition, other Sister Wives fans took issue with the fact that anyone would see Mariah as a misfit – adding that she is “beautiful” and a “sweetheart”.

Either way, it’s clear Meri Brown defends her own. And, she didn’t hold back recently when it was time to step up to the plate and protect those closest to her.

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