Album Review: Flavour Nurse Release Self-Titled Debut

To say that Flavour Nurse is unique would be an understatement, as the UK-based concept rock band delivers equal parts arcane, macabre, and extraterrestrial on their debut self-titled record.

Flavour Nurse Get Weird on Self-Titled Debut

To try to put Flavour Nurse into a neat box genre-wise is a nearly impossible task. The UK band mix equal parts science fiction with the dark arts – and a touch of the flat-out bizarre – to craft a signature sonic cocktail all their own. And, whether you love them or hate them, they certainly make an impression on their debut record.

The self-titled debut opens with an instrumental number that sounds like it’s something straight out of an Indiana Jones or Star Wars film. Meanwhile, this intro paves the way for Majesty – a dual guitar-wielding, vocal harmonizing, magnum opus right out of the gate – complete with more than a few helpings of 80s-style synth.

Meanwhile, the music video for the single is as out of the box as one might expect – as though it were filmed during a Lord of the Rings cosplay convention or some other manner of LARPing event. And, musically, Flavour Nurse is a throwback to 70s/80s rock in the best possible way.

Instrumental Interludes & Nerd Rock Galore

After yet another instrumental interlude, Flavour Nurse land somewhere in the mid-90s with A Million Miles (Disappear). This song would be the result if you spliced David Bowie’s sonic DNA with Filter or Everclear – a kind of genre-blending across time and space that you don’t always come across. And in that regard, you have to tip your hat to Flavour Nurse for not being afraid to be different.

Love is the Reason is the album’s first ballad. And, Flavour Nurse showcases that they’re just as in their element slowing it down as they are pumping it up. This track certainly has a Knocking On Heaven’s Door vibe – and any fans of 80’s arena rock ballads would certainly dig this track.

At times, it’s hard to tell if Flavour Nurse is trying to be a parody band or if they actually take themselves seriously. But, one thing that’s undeniable is the musical chops each band member possesses. And, even when they’re wearing comical masks and goofing around, their collective musicianship is no joke.

You’ll End Up Loving Flavour Nurse – Whether You Like it or Not

It’d be easy to dismiss Flavour Nurse after the first few tracks on their self-titled debut. But the longer you listen to these lads, the more infectious they become. Even if this type of arcane concept album isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the band’s melodies and their solid musicianship across the board.

And, even though it’s impossible to classify Flavour Nurses’ sound and what they do, they do it well. Whether by arcane magic or some other macabre means, Flavour Nurse crafts earworms that’ll be impossible to get out of your head once you hit play on this record. And that is most definitely a good thing.

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