Artist Spotlight: Aris’ Message of Love on New Single & More

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Aris spreads his message of love and healing through his music. And, with a new single and a full-length album on the horizon, he recently talked with Screen Legion about what inspires him most – and how things like the current pandemic impact his creative process.

Aris Releases New Single – Become Love with Coby Koehl

The opening instrumentation on Become Love instantly sets the tone on Aris’ brand new single. It’s got a gospel feel that comes through – paving the way for swing and blues vibes as well. Meanwhile, the vocal harmonies between Aris and Coby Koel really round out the track and give it a deeper sonic palette.

In addition, the repeated line “love become a mountain, and a mountain become love” is the mantra through which Aris channels his message – and it’s right on the mark. As a bonus, there are a lot of killer lead guitar licks throughout the track that add definition and further drive home the message of love and positivity.

With the new single out on all major streaming platforms and a music video soon to drop, Aris talked with Screen Legion about how the song came about. And, he delved deeper into the making of it – including what continues to fuel his creative process during these difficult times.

Listen to the track below:

Aris Dishes on His Message & Brand New Single

Screen Legion (SL): Introduce yourself to any listeners that haven’t heard you before. How would you describe your music/message?

Aris: “My name is Aris. I’m a singer/songwriter born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Music is everything to me. It’s in every breath I take. It runs through my veins. It’s saved my life countless times. I make music about love, loss, heartbreak, healing, overcoming obstacles, and finding your way through the storms”.

SL: Talk about your new single, Become Love, and your collaboration with Coby Koehl. How did that come about?

Aris: “I started writing and recording feverishly for my new album a few years before the pandemic and had amassed 30 tracks. I was sorting through everything, trying to figure out which tracks would make the album, and I wanted another set of ears. I’ve known Coby for years; I’m blessed to call him a friend. He is one of the most amazing soul vocalists of our time, with a very keen ear for musicality, so I wanted his feedback”.

“When he heard my demo for Become Love, he was so moved, he started singing to it instantly and asked if he could record on it. I’m so grateful because his amazing voice and energy bring such fire to the track. The song was inspired by my mom and the power of love to move mountains. That’s where the refrain “love become a mountain, and a mountain become love” comes from”.

Aris: Become Love
Aris: Become Love – Used with permission

Aris Talks About the Pandemic & How it Influenced His Creative Process

SL: How has the pandemic influenced your creative process?

Aris: “There’s been both pros and cons. The best part was collaborating through technology, which has always been possible, but became vital for so many of us. It’s allowed for music to be made from very far corners of the country with just a few clicks. It’s also deepened the need I have for my work to reach people and inspire hope in them, which we need so much of these days”.

“The biggest con has been that I haven’t performed live in years! I miss it so much; it just hasn’t felt like the right time with too many chances of cancellation. But I’m starting to make little guest appearances and some showcases in NYC, and I’m really looking forward to playing the new album live in the spring!”

SL: Talk about some of your other projects and what listeners can expect from you in 2022

Aris: “The music video for Become Love will be out in early December, and my new album Through The Storms drops December 21st. I’ll be releasing several music video singles from the album in 2022, as well as six episodes of my podcast where we dive deeper into conversations about inspirations behind the music, collaborations, and share inspirational stories”.

“It’s going to be raw, vulnerable, emotional, and thought-provoking, and I’m excited that the album will get to live in all these different formats in 2022 – through recorded songs, through live shows, through videos, and through conversations on the podcast”.

“I’ll also be headed back into the studio to finish another album for future release. It will be a re-recording of my very first album, which is no longer commercially available. I’m really stoked to be able to bring those songs back into the world, but with a more mature and refined sound that reflects where I’m at now”.

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