Home Music Album Review: Noveliss & Dixon Hill – Book of Changes

Album Review: Noveliss & Dixon Hill – Book of Changes

Album Review: Noveliss & Dixon Hill – Book of Changes
Noveliss: Book of Changes

Detroit-based rapper/lyricist Noveliss teams up with top-tier beat-maker Dixon Hill on his newest release, Book of Changes. And, he brings the type of lyrical depth that will put listeners in a philosophical state of mind – pondering the meaning of life while vibing to the smooth, old-school beats.

Noveliss a Game-Changer on Book of Changes

When you hit play on the opening track of Noveliss’ new album, Book of Changes, you become instantly aware that you’re in for something different as soon as he drops his first lines. It’s apparent that Noveliss isn’t your typical rapper dishing bars on a catchy beat.

In fact, Noveliss is part of a select few that use their verses to expand the minds of their listeners – along the lines of Nas, or, more recently, lyricists like Hopsin and Immortal Technique. And, on the opening track, Empty, Noveliss empties his consciousness in a way that will hook listeners and make them want to hear what else he has to say.

Noveliss: Book of Changes
Noveliss: Book of Changes – Used with permission

Book of Changes Takes Several Listens to Appreciate

The hallmark of any good artist is the listenability factor. And, more importantly, how likely listeners are to revisit a song, album, or particular piece of music. Meanwhile, as far as Noveliss is concerned, he has that on lock. He plugs his bars with numerous references, depth, emotion, and wordplay that listeners won’t appreciate the full spectrum of on the first go-round.

Book of Changes is the kind of album that’ll have you picking up on nuances several listens in – and that, truly, is where Noveliss excels. He weaves tapestries with his words that take time to unravel. And, listeners will be picking up on hidden gems in this album for years to come.

Noveliss & Dixon Hill Take Listeners on a Journey

In addition to Noveliss’ poetic lyricism, Dixon Hill crafts smooth, jazzy beats that serve as the perfect vehicle for Noveliss’ musings. Dixon Hill weaves together beats that ooze old-school – in the best possible way. And, together, the pair tell a story on Book of Changes that’s unlike any other.

Noveliss doesn’t follow the typical song structure one might expect from a banger on the radio. Instead, Noveliss’ “songs” are more stream of consciousness and spoken-word poetry. So, if you’re looking for something to turn up at the club, you may have to look elsewhere.

But, if you’re looking for lyrical flow and subject matter that has depth, expands the mind, and broadens horizons, this album is definitely worth checking out.

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