‘My 600-lb Life’: Zsalynn Whitworth – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Zsalynn Whitworth is one of the more memorable cast members to ever appear on the weight-loss show from TLC. So, where is she today?

My 600-lb Life: Zsalynn’s Journey on TLC

When My 600-lb Life watchers first met Zsalynn Whitworth, she was in a bind. But, despite her large size when TLC cameras caught up with her, she had a reason for keeping the weight on. Zsalynn said on her episode that her husband wanted a “fat wife”. And, she went on to say that it’s what he is “physically attracted to”.

Initially, her weight was an asset – because she flew around the world and partied with men that preferred larger women. But, things got more complicated when she started packing on even more pounds, and her health was at risk. So, she knew she had to make some drastic life changes – especially because she’s also a mother.

Tough Road Ahead for TLC Celeb

The My 600-lb Life Season 2 celeb clocked in at 597 pounds when she made it to Houston to see Dr Now. But, it was clear that Zsalynn’s husband would be a problem on her road to weight loss. Because of his preference for bigger women, he was not on board with many of the changes his wife needed to implement to be successful. And, it was clear that something would have to give.

Meanwhile, even with her husband Gareth’s objections, Zsalynn managed to make progress on her My 600-lb Life episode – so much so that she qualified for weight loss surgery. And, she dropped nearly 250 pounds after her year on Dr Now’s program.

And, despite the negative influences in her life, Zsalynn managed to get under 300 pounds – and qualify for skin removal surgery as well. In addition, she got rid of the dead weight in more ways than one – divorcing Gareth and moving on with her life.

My 600-lb Life: Zsalynn Whitworth
My 600-lb Life: Zsalynn Whitworth/Instagram

TLC Celeb Living Her Best Life

Initially, after divorcing Gareth, Zsalynn Whitworth fell back into old habits. Despite being a negative influence throughout her weight loss journey, Gareth was a big part of Zsalynn’s life for a long time. And, even though she knew she made the right decision calling it quits on her marriage, losing that part of her life took its toll on her.

Meanwhile, despite losing her way while going through her divorce, Zsalynn managed to get her life back on track. And, from the looks of it, she’s managed to get back to her healthy habits for the long haul. And, like many My 600-lb Life cast members, Zsalynn still lives in Texas.

In addition, she seems to have found a new love as well. And, it looks like her new beau is more than okay with her slimmer figure – unlike her ex-husband. The TLC celeb often shares date night pics with her man. And, the pair seem to enjoy each other’s company as they explore all the things that San Antonio has to offer.

All in all, Zsalynn Whitworth seems to be living her best life after everything she went through on My 600-lb Life and more. She smiles big in all of her recent pics – and her daughter has grown up quite a bit since her mom’s first TLC episode. Certainly, Zsalynn is proof that even with a lot of bad habits to unlearn and an unsupportive spouse, it’s possible to turn your life around if you put your mind to it. And, in Zsalynn’s case, she did exactly that.

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