Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff in Hospital

Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff is in the hospital. And, it’s a scary time for both the little guy and his family. So, what did he go in for?

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff in Hospital

Little People Big World celebs Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff are favorites among fans. But, over the last few years, it’s their son, Jackson, that has really stolen the show. Meanwhile, the entire Roloff clan held their collective breath as little Jackson went to the hospital recently.

It turns out Jackson Rollof went in for a procedure to “help correct the bowing in his legs”, according to his mom, Tori. And, as Little People Big World watchers know, his dad, Zach, and his grandpa, Matt, both had the same procedure. Even so, it’s always difficult when a loved one has surgery. Luckily for Jackson, he had his TLC family by his side to help him through.

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff
Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff Proud of Her Son

Even with Jackson Roloff’s latest ordeal, he seems to be handling things like a champ. Little People Big World mom Tori Roloff shared a picture of her son following his procedure. And, from the looks of it, he is fast asleep – no doubt exhausted from everything he went through.

Meanwhile, Tori Roloff applauded her son, saying how “brave” and “confident” he was through it all. The TLC mom added that her son chatted up the doctors and nurses – seemingly without a care in the world as they wheeled him off. And, from the looks of it, everything seems to have gone smoothly for him.

And, even though Jackson is handling things as well as he can, Tori revealed that this was one of the “hardest days” for her. She went on to say how difficult it was to watch her “child in pain”. But, she knows that this is the “best decision” for her son and his future.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff
Little People Big World: Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff/Instagram

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff Resting After a Tough Day

Even though little Jackson Roloff went through quite the ordeal, it looks like the worst is over for the four-year-old. And, the good news is he is surrounded by loved ones as he recovers. Meanwhile, there’s an outpouring of support on social media for Zach and Tori’s son after everything he went through.

Tori Roloff didn’t go into detail regarding Jackson’s recovery process. But, she is glad her son is out of the woods and resting peacefully. In addition, she said she couldn’t wait to take her son home and make him popcorn. Certainly, here’s to hoping he has a speedy recovery – and that he has a better quality of life as he grows now that he has this surgery under his belt.

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