‘My 600-lb Life’: Christina Phillips – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Christina Phillips had one of the most jaw-dropping transformations in the TLC show’s history. So, where is she today?

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips’ Journey on TLC

Each My 600-lb Life episode picks up with cast members in dire situations. By the time TLC cameras catch up with them, most celebs are literally and figuratively on their last leg – with many of them unable to walk at all. Meanwhile, Christina Phillips was in a bad way when she was initially filmed for her episode.

Christina Phillips weighed in at 708 pounds by the time she made it to Houston and stepped on the scale for Dr Younan Nowzaradan. Meanwhile, due to her weight, Christina was house-bound for two years. And, it was clear she had to do something quickly if she wanted to turn her life around.

Christina Had a Lot of Work to Do

At her heaviest, Christina Phillips was eating up to 7,000 calories a day. And, even after she was already on Dr Now’s My 600-lb Life program, she had weight gain setbacks. As watchers know, just getting to Dr Now isn’t a quick fix by any means. And, participants still need to put in the hard work if they want to see results.

Breaking her food addiction and saying no to her enablers, Christina Phillips put in the work in her episode of My 600-lb Life. And, as a result, she eventually qualified for weight loss surgery. Moreover, with the help of her surgery, Christina eventually dropped down to 183 pounds. However, she developed a new problem after reaching that weight.

In a lot of ways, Christina Phillips went to the opposite extreme after dropping weight. She was so afraid of putting the weight back on after she lost it that she skipped meals – sometimes going days without eating. It was clear that she went to the opposite end of the spectrum – and it would be up to her to find some sense of balance in her life.

Christina Phillips struggled with body image after weight loss. And, she said on her follow-up My 600-lb Life episode that she still sees herself as a “big person”. Certainly, Christina is a prime example of when losing weight is just the beginning of someone’s journey toward healing. And, even after getting all of the weight off, it was clear there was more work for her to do toward self-acceptance.

My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips
My 600-lb Life: Christina Phillips/YouTube

My 600-lb Life Celeb Turns Things Around

My 600-lb Life celeb Christina Phillips keeps her social media private. So, it can be difficult to see updates from the TLC star. Even so, the big news for her this year was that she gave birth to a baby boy named Ethan back in February. So, she has a bundle of joy to keep her busy with mommy duties.

Meanwhile, even mothers who don’t have a history of weight issues often struggle with losing baby weight after birth. So, there was some concern that Christina could fall back into bad habits after welcoming her son into the world. But, luckily for her, she stayed on top of her weight loss regimen. And, from the looks of it, she didn’t let the added baby weight slow her down.

All in all, Christina Phillips is one of the biggest success stories on My 600-lb Life. In total, she lost over 500 pounds during her time filming. And, as a mother to a young son, she has a new lease on life as she reaps the rewards of all the hard work she put in – while filming her episode and since filming wrapped.

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