‘My 600-lb Life’: Bettie Jo Elmore – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Bettie Jo Elmore struggled on her episode of the TLC program – as most cast members do when they start Dr Now’s strict program. So, how is Bettie today?

My 600-lb Life: Bettie Jo Elmore’s Journey on TLC

My 600-lb Life watchers first saw Bettie Jo Elmore on Season 3 of the TLC show back in 2015. At the time, the young woman was 26 years old when she went to see Dr Younan Nowzaradan in Houston. And, when she made it to Texas, she weighed in at 654 pounds.

As My 600-lb Life watchers know, childhood trauma is a common theme among the show’s cast – and Bettie Jo Elmore is no different. But, even with a lot of past baggage to address, Bettie Jo put in the hard work to turn her life around. Following her gastric bypass surgery, Bettie Jo dropped down to 445 pounds. And she continued to make strides toward achieving a healthier life.

But, even with her My 600-lb Life success, there were additional complications by the time her Where Are They Now episode aired in 2016.

Bettie Jo Faced a Difficult Decision

As if going through Dr Now’s My 600-lb Life program wasn’t enough, Bettie Jo Elmore had more on her plate by the time her Where Are They Now episode came around. It turns out she had a large mass at the base of her spine. And making matters more complicated, Bettie Jo was pregnant at the time.

Bettie Jo Elmore put her life at risk to save that of her unborn baby – choosing to go through with her pregnancy without removing the mass. As a result, doctors’ orders put her on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. And, miraculously, she gave birth to a baby boy, Preston, on August 10, 2016.

My 600-lb Life: Bettie Jo Elmore
My 600-lb Life: Bettie Jo Elmore/Instagram

My 600-lb Life Star Turns Her Life Around – Makes Huge Announcement

Since her son was born in 2016, Bettie Jo Elmore has continued to make good decisions and further her healthier lifestyle. Bettie Jo shares healthy recipes with her My 600-lb Life followers – as well as updates with her young son. And, it’s clear she maintains many of the healthy habits she implemented with the help of Dr Now.

Meanwhile, she recently had even more positive news to share with her followers. Five years after welcoming Preston into their lives, Bettie Jo Elmore told her My 600-lb Life followers that she is expecting her second child. And she shared a picture of positive pregnancy tests.

Bettie Jo Elmore added that she “can’t keep a secret this exciting”. And, she included the caption “Elmore baby #2 2022!” with her positive pregnancy tests. In addition, the projected due date for her latest bun in the oven is the beginning of August. So, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on her pregnancy journey as she gets closer to her due date.

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