‘My 600-lb Life’: Marla McCants – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Marla McCants had a rough go of things on her TLC episode with Dr Now. So, where is she now since cameras left her to her own devices?

My 600-lb Life: Marla McCants’ TLC Journey

My 600-lb Life watchers first met Marla McCants on Season 3 of the popular weight loss show. And, like every cast member on the show, Marla came with her own reasons as to why she let herself get to a morbidly obese level. Meanwhile, even though she didn’t start out as an obese child, she tipped the scale at roughly 800 pounds when she saw Dr Now in Houston.

In addition to being roughly 800 pounds at the start of her My 600-lb Life episode, she was also 43 years old. So, in many ways, the clock was ticking for her to get her weight under control if she wanted to live a longer life – not just for her, but for her children and grandchildren as well.

Marla Had a Lot of Work to Do

Marla McCants put on the weight in her early 20s while she was in an abusive relationship. And, like many My 600-lb Life cast members, she used food as a coping strategy to deal with a difficult situation. Moreover, even when she got to Houston, she still resisted Dr Now’s program. And, her unwillingness to get with the program led Dr Now to send her packing.

Because of the state of her weight, she couldn’t stand on her own. But, getting the initial boot from Dr Now seemed to be enough of a wake-up call to get her in gear. And, over the course of a year, she dropped down to 534 pounds – a big accomplishment given where she started.

No doubt, dropping weight on Dr Now’s My 600-lb Life program is a major accomplishment. But, as watchers know, keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle once the cameras leave is another feat entirely. So, has Marla kept the weight off since filming her episode?

My 600-lb Life: Marla McCants
My 600-lb Life: Marla McCants/Instagram

My 600-lb Life Star Today

My 600-lb Life star Marla McCants is unrecognizable today compared to how she looked on her TLC episode. And, she is a prime example of what happens when cast members take what Dr Now tells them to heart. Meanwhile, thanks to her commitment to changing her life for the better, she now reaps the rewards.

In total, the My 600-lb Life star lost 560 pounds in two years – and she’s managed to keep the weight off since. And, these days, Marla takes the lessons she learned and uses them to inspire others to make similar life changes. On her social media, Marla lists herself as a motivational speaker and philanthropist. So, she turned things around in a big way – and helps others do the same.

Marla McCants was one of Dr Now’s most difficult My 600-lb Life patients to ever appear on the show – which only makes her transformation that much more inspiring. And, now in her 50s, Marla is happier and healthier than ever.

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