Album Review: 3D The Boss – Push It

Atlanta-based trio 3D The Boss certainly pushes genre boundaries on their debut full-length album, Push It. So, what can listeners expect from this fresh act?

3D The Boss Push the Envelope

Push It is a fitting title for the debut album from 3D The Boss. This trio out of Atlanta blends Funk stylings with Pop, Rock, and EDM to create a sound all their own. And, whether you use their music to motivate you to work out or hit play to have a good time, this band certainly delivers.

As the album opener, Go does just that – gets things going in a big way. But, as any good album opener should, it needs to grab listeners and come out swinging. And, 3D The Boss certainly delivers on that front. Funky bass lines, killer drum beats, catchy lead licks, and energetic vocals really get the blood pumping. And, if that weren’t enough, the guitar solo midway through the track slaps.

3D The Boss: Push It
3D The Boss: Push It – Used with permission

Boss Level on Push It

For anyone that grew up in the 80s and 90s, 3D The Boss is a nostalgic throwback to acts like C+C Music Factory or the Quad City DJ’s. But, in addition to having that old-school feel, this trio brings that sound to the modern era with EDM and other electronic influences. And, altogether, this creates a listening experience that’ll give you throwback vibes and make you want to move.

Meanwhile, the second track on the album turns things on its head with Bbgg. The band keeps the same energy as the album opener but infuses elements of swing into the melody. Early on, it’s clear 3D The Boss knows what they’re doing in terms of blending various styles into their core musical identity – and they do so seamlessly. And, just when you think you’ve heard it all, they throw in a piano solo for good measure.

3D The Boss: Retro & Refreshing

From start to finish, 3D The Boss delivers on Push It. But, even if this type of music isn’t your cup of tea, the beats are infectious, and the melodies are catchy – and it’ll be hard not to get caught up once you hit play on this record.

3D The Boss showcase numerous styles on their debut album. And, best of all, each track has that surprise factor. The band keeps listeners on their toes. You never quite know what they’re going to do next – and that’s a rare thing. Best of all, they genre-hop in a way that feels fresh – making things look easy as they blend one style into the next.

Push It is a near-perfect record from start to finish. And, as this is only 3D The Boss’ first album, that’s quite impressive to pull off right from the jump. They come out swinging right out of the gate and never look back. Certainly, this is a band to watch.

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