Single Review: Ajay Mathur – Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence)

Ajay Mathur releases an emotional single decades in the making with Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence). This new single is from Mathur’s upcoming album. And, listeners get a double dose from this latest release.

Ajay Mathur Gives Listeners the Full Experience

Typically, singles are one song to entice listeners – to give them a taste of what’s to come. But, Ajay Mathur gives his listeners a double feature, so to speak, with his latest release, Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence).

Listeners get a contemporary version of the song – as well as a stripped-down acoustic version. So, Ajay puts the full spectrum on display to really flesh out his latest song.

Meanwhile, this latest release comes off the heels of his successful single, I Need You Now – released back in August of this year.

Ajay Mathur: Anytime At All - Aftermath of Silence
Ajay Mathur: Anytime At All – Aftermath of Silence – Used with permission

Decades in the Making

Even though Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence) is a fresh release, the inspiration for the track goes back decades. Ajay Mathur wrote the track following John Lennon’s murder at the hands of John Chapman in 1980. And, even though it took decades for this track to fully mature, it’s certainly worth the wait.

The track opens with soothing piano – juxtaposed with sirens in the background. Meanwhile, Ajay Mathur’s vocals kick in – along with a contemporary beat that moves the track forward and gives it that extra punch. Written from the perspective of a passerby at the time Lennon was shot, the new track offers a different perspective on a defining moment in pop culture history.

Musically, Mathur crafts a soundscape that listeners can really get lost in. The musicianship is top-notch, and the arrangement is well-executed – a beautiful piece of music all-around.

Ajay Mathur: Anytime At All - Aftermath of Silence
Ajay Mathur: Anytime At All – Aftermath of Silence – Used with permission

Ajay Mathur Strips it Down

For the acoustic version of the song, that same piano progression opens the track. But, instead of kicking in with the drums like the previous version, the soothing piano continues to carry the track. There’s no denying that Ajay Mathur has a knack for crafting beautiful melodies. And that’s on full display with this acoustic version of Anytime At All.

Overall, this is a great offering ahead of Ajay’s upcoming album. Certainly, it’s enough to tide his fans over as they wait for the upcoming full-length release. In the meantime, this two-song teaser is more than enough to whet the appetites of listeners – a solid effort from the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter.

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