‘Marrying Millions’: Nonie Creme Opens Up About Devastating Disability

Marrying Millions star Nonie Creme is a very successful businesswoman. And, she found love with Reese Record. Meanwhile, she recently opened up about a devastating disability.

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme a Successful Entrepreneur

Nonie Creme starred in Season 2 of Marrying Millions with Reese Record. As a successful entrepreneur, she found love with a regular guy. And, whether or not the pair would make it was a big question throughout the season. As watchers know, the lifestyle differences between the rags and riches cast members is one of the primary draws of the Lifetime show.

In addition to the financial differences between Nonie Creme and Reese Record, there’s a big age gap between them as well. So in many ways, they had a lot of things potentially working against them on their season of Marrying Millions. But, they seem to find ways to make their relationship work.

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme - Reese Record
Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme – Reese Record/YouTube

Nonie Opens Up About Her Disability

Because None Creme is quite successful, many Marrying Millions watchers may be surprised to find out that she has a major disability. It turns out, Nonie Creme lost her hearing in one ear. Back in 2017, she suffered “sudden nerve deafness”. She had the Coxsackie virus. And, the virus attacked her “nervous system” – causing her to lose her hearing.

When Nonie Creme initially found out the bad news, the Marrying Millions star said there was a chance that she could get her hearing back. But, based on her most recent update, that turned out not to be the case.

Nonie told her social media followers that her hearing never returned – and that she is “profoundly deaf” in her left ear. She added that living with her disability is “hugely challenging”. But, she considers herself lucky. And, it’s clear that she continues to see the bright side of things amid her struggles.

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme - Reese Record
Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme – Reese Record/Instagram

Are Marrying Millions Pair Still Together?

Marrying Millions Season 2 last aired in March. And, since that time, watchers wonder which of the couples are still together. When it comes to Nonie Creme and Reese Record, it looks like the pair are still very much together. One of the major questions cast members confront on the show is whether they are in it for love or money. And, it certainly looks like love for these two.

The pair shared a cute photo locking lips in Seattle. And, Nonie Creme joked that the pair go to bed by 8 pm. Meanwhile, whether they go to bed early every night or not, it’s clear they still share the same bed. And they seem more than content to do so.

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