Album Review: Seneko – ’69 Camaro

Seneko’s 69′ Camaro EP takes after its namesake in more ways than one. This five-track offering is an ode to an old-school sound – the kind of music you’d blast driving down the highway in a classic muscle car.

Seneko’s Classic Sound on ’69 Camaro

Stan “Seneko” Olsheski brings his Alt-Country roots to life on his fourth EP, ’69 Camaro. Meanwhile, as soon as the first notes of the title track ring out, they instantly set the tone and mood for the listening experience to come. The twangy Country riffs are reminiscent of something you might find on an Eagles record – and that’s never a bad thing.

In addition, Seneko has a laid-back delivery on ’69 Camaro – this is the type of track you could easily play in the backyard while knocking back some brews, in the best possible way, of course. Overall, this mellow opener is a great way to ease into the record.

Seneko: 69 Camaro
Seneko: 69 Camaro – Used with permission

A Drive with the Windows Rolled Down in a ’69 Camaro

No Goin’ Back is a hodgepodge of all the best ingredients. The Chris Isaak-esque intro abruptly changes gears and hits its Tom Petty stride. This track is upbeat, and it’s a much-needed change of pace from the more laid-back intro. Meanwhile, the juxtaposition of up-tempo rhythm guitar with dreamy, effect-laded lead licks offer the perfect contrast for the listener.

For Her Love is the quintessential middle of the record ballad – and, in that regard, it doesn’t disappoint. It has all the ingredients of a classic country ballad – from the slow tempo to the relaxed delivery. The lyrics leave something to be desired. But, the musicality more than makes up for the depth that the lyrics lack.

A Heavy Dose of Nostalgia

Seneko’s ’69 Camaro is a new record that pays homage to the classic sounds of old. And, this EP is sure to be a hit with fans of that classic Country sound. Moreover, whether you like this style of music or not, it’s clear that Seneko knows his audience – and this record is sure to appeal to his base.

If there’s one thing to gripe about as far as this record is concerned, it’s that the riffs and chord progressions feel a bit repetitive once you get to the fifth and final track of ’69 Camaro. This is something that the average listener might not pick up on. However, it’s worth mentioning for those with a more discerning ear.

Overall, ’69 Camaro is a solid effort from Seneko. And, it’s sure to find its home in the playlists of those looking for that classic Country sound.

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