Album Review: Paul Feder – Nightwalk

Electropop artist Paul Feder recently released his debut solo EP, Nightwalk. As the title suggests, Paul Feder takes listeners on an eclectic walk through his sonic musings – culminating in a tapestry of sound worth hitting the replay button on.

Nightwalk EP from Paul Feder

Brooklyn-based artist Paul Feder has five offerings on his debut EP, Nightwalk. As the EP opener, Lose My Mind is an attention-grabber right out of the gate. Synth and Electro elements instantly pull the listener into Feder’s world – and there’s a lot going on.

An infectious beat and dream-like vocals lure listeners into a trance-like state as the EP opener gets into its groove. Overall, this is a strong opener that introduces listeners to Paul Feder’s style in a big way. Modern EDM influences blend with 80s Synth-Pop to weave together a listening experience that’s both nostalgic and new.

Paul Feder: Nightwalk
Paul Feder: Nightwalk – Used with permission

Paul Feder Hits on Different Moods

As the title track, Nightwalk builds upon the same themes as the EP opener. Nightwalk is not as upbeat as its predecessor. But, Paul Feder experiments with a wheelhouse of sound that adds even more depth to his overall vision. Meanwhile, even though there are a lot of different things going on, Paul Feder balances everything with an expert hand – such that the track never feels busy.

Desert Run certainly cashes in on the chill vibes – a nice break in the middle of the EP that allows the listener to cleanse their sonic palette. Overall, the somewhat nefarious opening transforms into a chill track, and Paul Feder brings it home with his signature style and sound.

Nightwalk – A Layered Listening Experience

Paul Feder’s EP may not necessarily appeal to listeners outside of the Electro/Synth-Pop spectrum. But, what Feder does on Nightwalk, he does well. So, it’s not hard to imagine fans of Thom Yorke or Bon Iver vibing to this EP.

Certainly, any listeners familiar with Paul Feder’s previous work in bands like Charcole Federation and Pico Fermi will want to give this offering a listen as well. Paul Feder is a master at crafting soundscapes that listeners can get lost in. And, this EP will likely require multiple listens to fully appreciate.

All of Nightwalk feels like a film soundtrack – a light-hearted Kavinsky if you will. At its core, Nightwalk offers listeners an experience that’s seamless – with every aspect working together to paint a complete picture. And, whether or not this particular genre is your cup of tea, this EP is worth a listen.

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