‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Chops Off Hair – Shows Bold New Look

The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold has a bold, new look. Bill Klein has been in the headlines lately after going under the knife in New York City. Meanwhile, the latest updates show Jen has a fresh look.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein Recovering After Successful Surgery

Recently, Bill Klein went under the knife in the Big Apple. He had bone fragments removed – relating to an injury he had over the summer. Will Klein and Zoey Klein stayed with their grandparents while Jen and Bill traveled. And, from the looks of it, everything seems to be going well for the TLC dad.

Bill Klein’s surgery left him with a scar. But, because Jennifer Arnold is in the medical field, she was able to remove her husband’s stitches without any issues. So, it certainly came in handy for Bill to have his wife there to do that for him – especially because he said she did it in the “wee hours of the morning”.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Bill Klein/Instagram

Jennifer Arnold Shows Off Fresh Look

With Bill Klein’s recovery going well, Jennifer Arnold decided to do something to change things up. Jen let her locks grow out for some time. But, it looks like she got tired of them and decided to do something drastic instead. Bill Klein’s wife chopped her hair off in her latest update – and it’s a change from what The Little Couple fans might be used to.

Jennifer Arnold got rid of her long hair in the latest from The Little Couple mom. Meanwhile, she traded that in for something much easier to maintain. And, based on her smile while showing off her new look, it certainly seems like she is happy with her decision.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/TikTok

The Little Couple Mom Encourages Followers to Get Flu Shot

As The Little Couple watchers know, Jennifer Arnold is in the medical field – and she takes her profession very seriously. She is very vocal about COVID-19 – and about her followers getting their shots. But, while showing off her new do, she drew attention to another important shot.

The Little Couple celeb, Jennifer Arnold, encouraged her fans and followers to get the flu shot. She added that the flu season last year wasn’t as bad as in previous years due to social distancing from COVID-19. But, this time around, Jen encouraged her followers to consider getting their flu shot – as well as getting vaccinated if they haven’t yet.

Jennifer Arnold is very outspoken when it comes to things like vaccines. So, it isn’t entirely a surprise that she would take this position. However, her “new do” is certainly something that some fans may not expect – and she seems happy with the result.

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