‘The Little Couple’: Bill Klein Shares Gross Hunk of Meat Taken Out of Elbow

The Little Couple celeb Bill Klein recently shared something that’s grossing a lot of fans out. TLC fans keeping up with him know that he went under the knife recently. And, from the looks of it, he kept a souvenir.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein Goes Under the Knife

The Little Couple celeb, Bill Klein, was in New York City recently with his wife, Dr Jennifer Arnold. But, it wasn’t just to see the Big Apple. Bill went in for surgery to repair an injury he sustained over the summer. Unfortunately, Bill encountered a “swarm of wasps”. And, in an attempt to run away, he fell – injuring himself in the process.

Meanwhile, he put surgery off for weeks due to the pandemic. But, with the injury still bothering him, he finally decided it was time to do something about it – which meant going under the knife to get the issue resolved. So, he finally bit the bullet and traveled to New York to get things taken care of.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Bill Klein/YouTube

Bill Shares Gross Souvenir

According to Dr Jennifer Arnold, her husband, Bill Klein, had “bone fragments” removed from his arm. The Little Couple wife told her followers that those fragments ended up in his joint – and they needed to be removed. Luckily for Bill, everything seems to have gone according to plan – and he even kept a souvenir.

The Little Couple star, Bill Klein, shared a picture of one of the bone fragments removed from his arm. Jennifer Arnold’s TLC husband has the fragment next to a ruler in the photo for scale. And from the looks of it, the fragment is at least two inches.

Some The Little Couple followers are grossed out by Bill’s latest update. Many watchers see this as an overshare. Meanwhile, others have a sense of humor about the whole thing. One fan even said that the bone fragment looks like a “shrimp”. Certainly, out of context, it could easily pass for a partially eaten chicken wing, too.

The Little Couple: Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Bill Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple Dad on the Mend

Even though not every The Little Couple fan is thrilled with Bill Klein’s latest share, watchers can agree that it’s good to see him on the mend after going under the knife. There are close to 100 surgeries between Bill Klein and his wife, Jennifer Arnold. But, there’s always some level of risk each time you go under – even when you’re pros like these two.

Bill Klein said he has an “army” of expert surgeons that work on him. So, he is in good hands if and when he needs surgery. All in all, his recovery seems to go as planned a week after his latest procedure. And, it’s clear he has a keepsake from it.

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