’90 Day Fiance’: Juliana Custodio Breaks Silence About ‘Toxic’ Relationship

90 Day Fiance celebs Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio’s split is playing out on social media for all to see. Michael recently offered his two cents about all of it. And now, Juliana Custodio is coming forth with her version of events. So, what did she have to say?

90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen & Juliana Custodio Split Playing Out

Rumors about a Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio breakup have been swirling for the last few weeks. Up until recently, the pair have kept details about their rumored split close to the vest. When the 90 Day Fiance pair were first introduced to viewers, many called out Michael for being Juliana’s sugar daddy. Meanwhile, even though they had a good run, it looks like they are officially over.

Meanwhile, because the 90 Day Fiance pair are in the public eye, their dirty laundry airs out all over social media. So much so that Michael even took a break from sharing updates with his followers. Interestingly, he took a “break” from his social media break to mark his second wedding anniversary with Juliana. And, from the looks of it, it will be their last.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen - Juliana Custodio
90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen – Juliana Custodio/YouTube

Juliana Breaks Her Silence

Michael Jessen’s recent 90 Day Fiance update talking about his split with Juliana is largely cordial. He referred to the end of their marriage as a “casualty” of the current pandemic. But, judging by his words, he wishes her the best in life moving forward. However, the way Juliana tells it paints a drastically different picture of their time together – particularly toward the end.

According to Juliana, a lot “more” went into their split than the pandemic. In her mind, she saw him as someone that would remain by her side. But, the way she tells it, he allegedly “showed something completely different”. Juliana said that as the pandemic wore on, she didn’t feel like “part of the family anymore”.

Juliana Custodio went as far as to say that she felt like a “maid”. Meanwhile, she said the situation became “toxic” – to the point where she was no longer living the life she wanted. She added that she needed to leave because she wasn’t “recognizing” herself anymore – and she wanted to be “happy”.

90 Day Fiance: Juliana Custodio
90 Day Fiance: Juliana Custodio/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Celeb Moving On with Someone New?

With every 90 Day Fiance breakup, whether or not former partners move on with someone new is always a question among fans. And, rumors of Juliana Custodio finding a new man have circulated in tandem with the split speculation. Meanwhile, the foreign beauty addressed this situation too.

Juliana Custodio told her 90 Day Fiance followers that she found happiness within herself – rather than in someone else. According to her, she is happy with this “new phase” of her life. She reminded her followers that it’s up to individuals to save themselves and “walk the path” that allows them to live their best lives. And, at least for now, that path for Juliana is one she will walk alone.

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