‘The Little Couple’: Will Uses Laptop as a Pillow in Hilarious Photo

The Little Couple updates from Jennifer Arnold focus on Zoey more than Will Klein recently. It turns out Will has been working hard when it comes to his schoolwork. Early photos of him at the start of the pandemic revealed that he takes his schoolwork seriously. And most people can surely relate to the amusing photo his mom shared.

The Little Couple: Updates About Will & Zoey Klein

Will Klein turned 11 years old this year – and he is homeschooled. Both he and his younger sister Zoey stopped going to school. And dad Bill Klein took over as teacher. Keeping The Little Couple kids at home is likely due to the current pandemic. As a doctor, Jennifer Arnold urges her followers to stay safe. And, she practices what she preaches with her own kids.

Jennifer Arnold last shared about Will back on September 10. She shared a throwback clip when he was a bit smaller. He and his sister Zoey played outside at their home in Florida. Naturally, TLC fans love seeing throwbacks of these two. Now, both kids are in the double digits – and they grow fast.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein - Will Klein
The Little Couple: Zoey Klein – Will Klein

Will Uses His Laptop as a Pillow?

The Little Couple mom, Dr Jen, shared a hilarious photo on social media of her son. Studious and focusing on his work, Will Klein decided to use his laptop as a pillow. And, based on the recent photo, Will is facedown on his keyboard. From the looks of it, his schoolwork clearly exhausted him.

The Little Couple mom captioned her photo with: “Some days you just feel like this”. This is a feel-good update from Jen. And, a lot of her followers appreciate her sense of humor – along with the hilarity of Will fast asleep on his keyboard. One fan commented: “Will we all can relate”. Then, one witty fan quipped: “Hang in there Will! Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!”

The Little Couple: Will Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein/Instagram

When Does The Little Couple Return?

The Little Couple fans wait impatiently for good news about the show. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of a camera crew around the family. It’s been two years since Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey appeared in TLC episodes. Will and Zoey grow up fast. Meanwhile, the majority of fans feel like they are missing out on that. Still, even with nothing concrete yet, watchers are hopeful that the family will return in new episodes soon.

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