‘Love After Lockup’: John Using ‘Celebrity’ Status to Land the Ladies?

Love After Lockup celeb John Slater seems to be looking for love yet again. And, it seems he uses his WEtv “celebrity” status to boost his stock and help him reel in a big fish.

Love After Lockup: John Slater Love Triangle Panned by Viewers

As Love After Lockup fans remember, John Slater was first introduced as part of the Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow love triangle storyline. WEtv is no stranger to these storylines, as the first love triangle featured Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan Nash.

But, according to many Love After Lockup watchers, WEtv oversaturated them with this love triangle storyline – to the point where many viewers say the scenes seem forced. Meanwhile, for several seasons, the network teased an all-out brawl between Shane and John that ultimately never happened.

Love After Lockup: John Slater
Love After Lockup: John Slater/YouTube

John Banking on TV Fame to Find Love?

Despite his criminal history and past with drugs, many watchers comment on how attractive John Slater is. Meanwhile, he certainly has the bad boy image down. After the back and forth drama with Lacey, it looked like he might have found love with someone else. But, based on the latest updates from him, it seems he is back on the prowl.

It turns out, screenshots of John Slater’s Tinder profile are making the rounds. It’s primarily a hookup app. But, it seems John may be serious about finding a new love. However, it looks like he also banks on his WEtv fame in hopes of landing a new lady.

One of the selling points for getting with John Slater is that he is currently looking for somebody to be on the next season of Love After Lockup with him. So, that may be a perk for any ladies looking to add reality personality to their resume – in addition to getting with “Big Daddy Chon”.

Love After Lockup: John Slater
Love After Lockup: John Slater/Instagram – Photo Credit: You’re Road Chuckness

Love After Lockup Star Looking to Start Fresh?

The Love After Lockup drama with Lacey is well past its expiration date, according to many watchers. There have even been claims that the network staged those scenes to add drama to the storyline. But, from the looks of it, John Slater is looking elsewhere to find the new woman of his dreams.

If John Slater ends up on another season of Love After Lockup with a new woman, watchers will know that his Tinder ploy was a success. Certainly, he doesn’t seem to hide the fact that he is looking for someone to help him extend his time in the spotlight. But, at least for now, he is clearly back on the market for anyone interested in shooting their shot.

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