‘The Little Couple’: Why Did Zoey’s Horse-Riding Facility Close Down?

The Little Couple wrapped up their last season in 2019, and TLC fans wait for a new season to come along. A cancellation confirmation never came along, either. And some fans think that once COVID-19 winds down, the show might return. Now that Zoey’s horse-riding club closed down, some fans believe it might be due to the virus. However, is this the case?

The Little Couple Fans Turn to Social Media for Updates

With no sign that the Klein family is filming another season of The Little Couple, fans follow Dr Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein for news about the kids. While fans constantly ask about a new season, their questions go unanswered. But, at least watchers still see updates about the kids. Many fans are surprised by how fast the kids grow. Gone is the cute, smiling little boy – as Will suddenly looks like a teenager.

Meanwhile, Zoey, the little girl from India, lost her shy demeanor that The Little Couple fans got used to seeing. Instead, she’s bright, perhaps a bit precocious, and head-over-heels in love with horses. Fans saw that love begin way back. You might recall that in 2018, both Zoey and Will went horseback riding. Additionally, in Season 5, the kids met some horses on Dr Jen’s parents’ farm.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein - Will Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Zoey Klein – Will Klein/Instagram

Sad News For Zoey As Horse-Riding Club Closes

This summer, Dr Jen Arnold told her The Little Couple fans that Zoey spent time riding her favorite horse, Mozart. It’s not clear if they own the horse or if it belongs to the riding club. Anyway, the little girl gets along swimmingly with the horse, which literally towers over her. Zoey must feel like she’s on top of the world when she rides Mozart. However, for now, that seems to be on hold.

The Little Couple mom shared a photo of Zoey with the horse recently. In her caption, she said: “Last ride with #Mozart before @saddle_up_riding_club has to close…Prayers it is temporary as the riding programs bring so many kids like Zoey so much joy and growth”.

In her hashtags, she used “therapyhorse”, so it probably helps Zoey develop strength and skills. Fans who suspected COVID-19 closed the club down commented. One of them wrote: “Zoey is adorable…because of COVID it’s spoiling a lot of activity. Let us pray that all this nonsense stops soon the world is in a very sorry place”.

The Little Couple: Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Zoey Klein/Instagram

Did the Club Close Because of COVID?

It turns out the riding club closed for reasons other than the coronavirus. One fan noted that Saddle Up Riding Club closed because they are a non-profit. Because they don’t own the property, they keep moving. Their current property is for sale. However, they hope to find another one soon to continue operations.

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