‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Kirschner Makes it to the Big Time?

Married at First Sight watchers know Bennett Kirschner for his quirky personality on Lifetime. Meanwhile, he recently made a huge stride in another creative endeavor.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner Quirky & Creative

As Married at First Sight watchers know, Bennett Kirschner is a creative type – through and through. He earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in playwriting from the University of New Orleans. In addition to that, he founded Intramural Theater – a theater group.

Married at First Sight watchers instantly fell in love with his personality on Season 11 of the matchmaking show in New Orleans. Meanwhile, when he and Amelia Fatsi got together, their chemistry was off the charts. Recently, one of Bennett’s other creative projects took a giant leap.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner
Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner/YouTube

Bennett Releases an Album with His Band

Married at First Sight celeb Bennett Kirschner is a musician – in addition to his many other talents. And he recently took a huge step forward with his band, TV Pole Shine. Bennett’s band from New Orleans is a 12-piece. In addition, this album release by them is their debut. So that’s a big step for any band. Moreover, the sound of the record is something you might expect coming from Bennett and those like him.

The debut album, To Screw in a Lightbulb, features eclectic tracks – each with catchy titles to match. Vibrant horn sections meet jazzy riffs and walking bass lines. In addition, Bennett Kirschner’s half-sung, half-spoken vocals add a unique touch to the tracks and round out the TV Pole Shine sound. Along with the music, there are skits throughout the album as well – giving listeners a colorful sonic palette all around.

TV Pole Shine - To Screw in a Lightbulb - Album Cover
TV Pole Shine – To Screw in a Lightbulb – Album Cover – Pic Credit: Bandcamp

Married at First Sight Star Headed for Big Things

Bennett Kirschner has a way of turning everything he touches into gold. Whether he is making music or selling solar panels, Bennett does everything with a smile. Meanwhile, his carefree, genuine attitude tends to rub off on everyone he is with. And it looks like he is in another position to succeed with his band.

Now that Bennett Kirschner’s album with TV Pole Shine is available to listen to on all streaming platforms, he said that he is “delighted” to share the “sublime tunes” with listeners. Certainly, it’ll be interesting to see if this project takes off.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea as far as listening preferences go. But Bennett is clearly happy with the finished product. And best of all, he was able to make and release music with his “friends”. Along with that, this is also another notch in Bennett’s creativity belt – and it’s certainly a project to be proud of.

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