’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit Loses it on TLC Fan

90 Day Fiance celeb Sumit Singh is usually pretty chill. He and Jenny Slatten are a favorite couple among many watchers. But he recently lost his cool on a TLC fan.

90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh & Jenny Slatten Celebrate Fourth of July

Overall, Sumit Singh is cordial when interacting with his 90 Day Fiance fans. He tends to keep his updates light and on the positive side. Meanwhile, that wasn’t the case during a recent interaction. So what did Jenny Slatten’s flame have to say?

90 Day Fiance celeb Sumit Singh recently posted an update wishing everyone a happy fourth of July. Even though he and Jenny Slatten are currently in India, he took the time to acknowledge the American holiday. Meanwhile, things took a turn shortly after.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans wonder why Sumit posted about the fourth of July in the first place. But because Jenny Slatten is from America, it could be Sumit decided to acknowledge American independence. Whatever the reason may be, they both seemed to have a good time.

90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh
90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh/Instagram

Sumit Loses His Cool

A 90 Day Fiance fan recently called out Sumit Singh on his most recent update. Sumit tagged Jenny Slatten in the update – but he is the only one in the picture. Sumit wears a tye-dye shirt – with a few celebratory beers in the background. Meanwhile, a TLC fan took issue with the latest from him.

The 90 Day Fiance fan said they’re “tired” of seeing just Sumit in photos. Meanwhile, they asked where Jenny Slatten was. Whether or not Jenny Slatten is still in India with Sumit is a regular question among fans. Following that, Sumit fired back with a few words of his own.

Sumit Singh said he was “sorry” for the fan. Meanwhile, he said he would “help” by blocking the fan so they wouldn’t see any further updates. Along with that, he topped things off by saying “bye bye”.

90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh - Jenny Slatten
90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh – Jenny Slatten/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Pair Still Going Strong

This latest update from Sumit may have confused some fans. But even so, he and Jenny Slatten are still very much together. Sumit shared a series of photos with Jenny in a previous update – and the pair look as happy as ever. This is especially true given their recent COVID-19 scare.

Along with the photos, Sumit Singh added that Jenny Slatten is “enjoying the weather and having fun”. The TLC pair have been through a lot since their journey together first began years ago. Moreover, after everything they’ve been through as a couple, they seem to be in a great place. And despite the occasional hate from some fans, it’s clear they live their best life together in India.

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  1. Sumit is Lazy, never see him working or even lift a finger helping Jenny. He’s even ugly looking, never smiles. List goes on & on about him. Why Jenny left USA for him, is nuts.


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