‘Love Is Blind’: Barnett Working on Wife-Shaped Tan – See Pic

Love Is Blind pair Matt Barnett and Amber Pike soak up the sand and sun in the latest pics. Meanwhile, Barnett works hard on a very specific kind of tan.

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett Working on Specific Tan

With the summer season in full swing, it’s no surprise that many people take to beaches to show off their beach bodies. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a hold on people’s lives, many flock in vast numbers to the nearest beaches to have some semblance of normalcy – and soaking up the sand and sun is as summer as it gets.

Love Is Blind pair Matt Barnett and Amber Pike do just that in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Amber shared a photo getting cozy with her husband – and using him as a lounge chair. Meanwhile, she joked that he is working on his “wife shaped tan line”. In her mind, that’s the true definition of marriage. And from the looks of it, Barnett doesn’t seem to mind.

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett - Amber Pike
Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett – Amber Pike/Instagram

Amber & Barnett Found Love on Netflix Show

Watchers first met Amber Pike and Matt Barnett in Season 1 of Love Is Blind. The new take on modern dating had cast members talk to one another in pods – without ever seeing each other. Whether or not participants could fall in love without the physical aspect coming into play is the main question the show attempts to answer. And as far as Amber and Barnett go, they certainly found that in each other.

As watchers remember, there were love triangles on the show. No doubt that played into the drama. But ultimately, when it came right down to it, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike seemed to have one of the strongest connections of the entire Season 1 cast.

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett - Amber Pike
Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett – Amber Pike/YouTube

Love Is Blind Pair Still Going Strong

Whether or not couples stay together after filming wraps is always a major question for any reality franchise. And when it comes to Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, they’ve certainly beat the odds. Along with Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, Barnett and Amber are a perfect example of the show getting it right – which isn’t too shabby considering there’s only one season so far.

One of the things Barnett and Amber bonded over is their mutual love of travel. One of the early trips they took together as husband and wife was to Rome. And even when they don’t travel internationally, they have just as much fun exploring US states.

Either way, the Love Is Blind pair live their best life more than two years after they officially tied the knot. And from the looks of it, they don’t seem to be slowing down at all. So, whether they are globetrotting or working on oddly-shaped tan lines, it’s clear they are content doing their own thing.

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