’90 Day Fiance’: Benjamin Rocks ‘OG’ Hairstyle – See Pic

90 Day Fiance celeb Benjamin Taylor rocks an all-new look based on the latest updates from him. What does Akinyi Obala’s flame look like these days?

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Taylor Unrecognizable with New Hairstyle

When viewers first met Benjamin Taylor on his 90 Day Fiance spinoff with Akinyi Obala, he was definitely the reserved, quiet type. He was often soft-spoken. Because of that, he seemed to be overshadowed by Akinyi’s relatives when he finally traveled to meet them in Kenya.

Meanwhile, based on the latest updates from Benjamin Taylor and Akinyi Obala, he has really come out of his shell since he first appeared on TLC. A big part of that is his brand new hairstyle. Benjamin shows off cornrows in the latest updates. Certainly, it’s a fresh look for him – and Akinyi doesn’t seem to mind.

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Taylor - Akinyi Obala
90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Taylor – Akinyi Obala/Instagram

Akinyi Obala Likes Her Husband’s Confidence

Based on the latest updates from the 90 Day Fiance pair, it looks like a new do isn’t the only thing Benjamin is showing off. It seems this “OG” hairstyle gives him a new sense of swagger as well. The TLC pair shared a short clip showing off his new look. Meanwhile, Benjamin flashes a big smile in the clip. So he certainly seems satisfied with his latest style choice.

In addition, it looks like Akinyi Obala is happy with her husband’s new image as well. According to Akinyi, this is something Benjamin has wanted since the pair met. But she didn’t expect it to come with a new sense of confidence as well. Either way, Benjamin Taylor seems to be living his best life – and he has the look and attitude to match.

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Taylor - Akinyi Obala
90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Taylor – Akinyi Obala/YouTube

90 Day Fiance Couple Still Going Strong

Benjamin Taylor and Akinyi Obala first appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Whether or not Akinyi’s family would accept Benjamin was a big hurdle early for the pair. Meanwhile, issues with the dowry came up, causing a lot of tension in their storyline. But based on where things currently stand for the couple, they seem to be in a good place in their relationship.

After meeting and marrying in Kenya, Benjamin came back to America to start the K-1 visa process for his wife. Meanwhile, after everything they went through to get to this point, the pair live their best life in the United States. The duo are on Season 2 of 90 Day Diaries. Along with that, they run their own YouTube channel – like many other couples.

All in all, they seem content with the life they currently build. And judging by Benjamin’s latest hairstyle and accompanying confidence boost, things seem to be in a great place for the TLC couple.

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