‘Love After Lockup’ Season 4: Will Jeffrey Bail on Anissa Again?

Love After Lockup cast members Jeffrey and Anissa are on the brand new season of the widely popular WEtv show. Jeffrey bailed on Anissa in the past. Will he do it again this time around?

Love After Lockup: Anissa Found Love with Jeffrey Online

Like most Love After Lockup pairs, Anissa and Jeffrey met online via a pen pal website. In addition, the pair have a longer history than most. It turns out the duo met ten years ago. So they’ve got a lot of history together. But whether that works for or against them is certainly something to watch on the brand new season.

Based on the latest Love After Lockup spoilers, it’s clear that Anissa is invested in this relationship with Jeffrey – both emotionally and financially. But whether or not Jeffrey reciprocates that is a big question mark heading into their all-new storyline on the WEtv show.

Will Jeffrey Burn Anissa?

Love After Lockup spoilers say Jeffrey burned Anissa in the past. Meanwhile, with a ten-year history between them, their relationship goes back a long way. Interestingly, Jeffrey was supposed to meet Anissa twice before when he was released. But instead of doing that, he bailed on her.

This time around on Love After Lockup will be Jeffrey’s third attempt to meet Anissa. She hopes that the third time will be the charm for them. But there’s certainly a possibility that the inmate may bail on her once again. Either way, this sets the stage for a lot of drama prior to his release on the WEtv show.

Whether or not criminal cast members use their civilian counterparts to get ahead is always a question with every new Love After Lockup season. Meanwhile, it’s certainly possible Anissa is in for another rude awakening if Jeffrey bails on her again.

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Duo

Love After Lockup Season 4 spoilers show Anissa trying on wedding dresses. So it’s clear she is serious about taking her relationship with Jeffrey to the next level. But the elephant in the room of whether or not he will actually show up this time remains.

As she is trying on Love After Lockup wedding dresses, a woman with Anissa asks her what she plans to do if Jeffrey doesn’t show up. Based on teasers, it looks like she goes all-in with the notion that things will work out the third time around. But there’s always the possibility that Jeffrey could play her once again.

On the other hand, Angela Gail thought Tony was playing her when he didn’t show up at the bus station. And even after all the drama they’ve been through, they are a happy couple today. It’s possible Anissa finally finds her happy ending. Either way, this is something to watch when the new Love After Lockup season airs.

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