‘Love After Lockup’ Season 4: Will Britney’s Family Reject Convict Ray?

Love After Lockup celeb Britney fell in love with inmate Ray on Season 4 of the WEtv show. But her family may not accept her relationship with a criminal.

Love After Lockup: Britney Meets Criminal Ray

Love After Lockup celeb Britney comes from an accomplished family. And with that esteem comes higher expectations as well. So the fact that she fell in love with a convict doesn’t sit well with them. They want someone of equal standing for her, including someone with like-minded goals and career aspirations. So the fact that she fell in love with a felon sets the stage for a lot of drama in the upcoming season.

As Love After Lockup watchers know, many relationships that end up on the show begin online. Meanwhile, that’s certainly the case for Britney and Ray. The new WEtv pair met on Facebook and clearly hit it off with one another.

But unlike Britney, Ray’s upbringing was a lot tougher. Following the death of his mother, Ray started selling drugs – and that’s what landed him behind bars. Moreover, whether or not he changes his ways once he is out of jail is something to watch when the new season airs.

Britney Desperate to Tie the Knot?

Another potential red flag in this Love After Lockup storyline is Britney’s rush to tie the knot. In addition to being 32 years old, Britney feels like her window to be a mother is closing. So it’s certainly possible she may be rushing into a relationship with Ray just to check all those boxes.

It’s also possible Britney believes she can turn bad boy Ray into a good guy. Meanwhile, if she tries to change him too much, that may eventually backfire as he adjusts to life on the outside. Either way, there’s a lot of potential for drama early when it comes to this pair – and there’s certainly a lot to tune in for.

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Duo

Love After Lockup spoilers tease drama ahead for all the new WEtv pairs – including Britney and Ray. Spoilers show Britney and Ray want to walk down the aisle as soon as possible. But Britney has a hard time convincing her family that Ray is the right guy for her.

It gets to a point in Love After Lockup spoilers where Britney’s family doesn’t even want to meet her potential future husband. In addition, spoilers suggest Britney catches her man talking to another woman online. So it could be a situation similar to when Shavel Moore caught Quaylon Adams talking to someone else. Certainly, this sets the stage for a lot of drama ahead for these two when new episodes air.

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