‘Love After Lockup’ Season 4: Can Rachel Make it Work with Cheater Doug?

Love After Lockup Season 4 introduces Rachel and Doug. Rachel believes Doug is the one for her. But Doug wasn’t faithful in his past relationships. Is this couple doomed to fail on the upcoming WEtv season?

Love After Lockup: Third Time’s the Charm for Rachel?

As Love After Lockup watchers know, prison pen pal sites are very popular. In a lot of ways, this is how civilian cast members meet their inmate counterparts. Meanwhile, this is certainly the case in the upcoming season for Rachel and Doug based on the latest spoilers.

It turns out, Rachel had two previous relationships with inmates before meeting her new beau, Doug. Rachel struck out the previous two times. But she is convinced in this season of Love After Lockup that the third time will be the charm for her. Either way, watchers will have to tune in to see if this pair can make things work.

Doug a Cheater in the Past

Doug is a career criminal in Season 4 of Love After Lockup. He has been in and out of the clink since he was 18 years old. Meanwhile, he was unfaithful in his past relationships. But even with this apparent red flag, the pair tied the knot while Doug was behind bars.

As an added kicker, the new Love After Lockup couple has yet to be intimate with one another. So whether or not they have that chemistry in the bedroom is something to watch – as well as whether or not Doug can stay faithful to his new wife.

As an additional curveball, Doug has an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship. Doug believes Rachel is too “soft” on his son. And it looks like he plans to lay down the law once he is out of the clink. Meanwhile, that may not go over well – and could cause friction in their relationship.

What to Expect in New Love After Lockup Season

Love After Lockup spoilers say things don’t go smoothly for Rachel and Doug once he is back on the outside. According to Rachel, Doug has a lot of “rules”. And while she likes that about him initially, it looks like him being strict with her eventually hits a nerve.

In addition to that, Rachel is warned that Doug will go back to his old behavior and “cheat” on her. Whether or not inmates can change their behavior once they get out is a recurring theme on Love After Lockup. Meanwhile, based on teasers, it looks like Doug eventually goes back to his old ways.

At one point in Love After Lockup teasers, Rachel takes her ring off, throws it, and says she is “done”. So there’s sure to be a lot of drama in this storyline when the new season airs.

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