‘Love After Lockup’ Season 4: Party Girl Nicolle Too Much for Daonte?

Love After Lockup celebs Nicolle and Daonte are part of the fresh crop of Season 4 stars. But based on the latest teasers, Nicolle may be too much for Daonte to handle.

Love After Lockup: Daonte Falls for Party Girl Nicolle

Love After Lockup Season 4 introduces six new couples to watchers. Meanwhile, one of the brand new pairs is Nicolle and Daonte. Daonte has a pattern when it comes to the women he goes after. He falls quick and falls hard. Meanwhile, that certainly seems to be the case with inmate Nicolle.

Interestingly, Nicolle isn’t Daonte’s first inmate love interest. As Love After Lockup watchers remember, Shawn Osborne also has a thing for incarcerated women. And after things fell apart with Destinie Folsom, he quickly found love with another inmate. So it could be a similar situation for Daonte as well.

Nicolle Too Much for Daonte?

As Love After Lockup watchers know, it’s usually sunshine and rainbows when inmates are first released on the WEtv show. In some cases, the civilian spouses wait a long time for their felon lovers. Typically, there’s a bit of a honeymoon phase when inmates first get out of the clink. But, inevitably, drama soon follows. And that certainly seems to be the case for this pair based on the latest teasers.

One thing to watch for in the upcoming season of Love After Lockup is how Daonte acts around his new love interest. In the past, he blew all his money on the inmate girlfriend he had prior to meeting Nicolle. Meanwhile, it got so bad that he had no choice but to move in with his mother. So it’s worth watching to see if he learned from his mistakes – or if he will fall right back into old habits with his new girl.

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Season 4

Based on the latest Love After Lockup Season 4 teasers, there’s certainly a lot of drama ahead for Nicolle and Daonte. Daonte says in spoilers that Nicole is the love of his life. In addition, he says that it has been a year and a half since he was last intimate with a woman. So he certainly seems to be invested in his relationship with her.

Whether or not Nicolle is as into him as he seems to be into her is something to watch as the new Love After Lockup season gets underway. Meanwhile, the couple addresses intimacy issues in WEtv spoilers.

It turns out, one of Daonte’s relatives calls out Nicolle – not for having issues being intimate, but for having issues being intimate with Daonte specifically. It could be Daonte’s connection with Nicolle is one-sided, and she uses him to help her get ahead. Either way, this is a situation to watch as the new season unfolds.

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