‘Love After Lockup’ Season 4: Lisa After Stan’s Millions?

Love After Lockup celebs Stan and Lisa are on Season 4 of the mega-popular WEtv show. But is Lisa after Stan’s millions? What do teasers reveal?

Love After Lockup: Stan a Retired Millionaire

New Love After Lockup cast member Stan is a retired millionaire. His wife passed away in 2012. After that, he put himself back on the market. And it seems he found love with new WEtv inmate, Lisa. Stan and Lisa met back in 2017 on a dating site. And on paper, this storyline seems like one from another popular matchmaking show, Marrying Millions.

Interestingly, the new Love After Lockup pair met before Lisa went behind bars – and the pair only met once in person before that happened. Meanwhile, the pair reconnected when Lisa was behind bars. And from the looks of it, it seems like they really want to make things work this time around.

Lisa After Stan’s Money?

It seems Love After Lockup celeb Stan has a net worth of over two million – making him one of the richest stars to ever appear on the popular WEtv show. Meanwhile, with those financial resources, whether or not his inmate love interest is taking advantage of him is a topic that comes up with this couple on the brand new season.

For Stan, it may be true love with Lisa. However, his friends caution him – particularly about the fact that his inmate lover could be using him for his money. As watchers remember, this has happened before with celebs like Lizzie Kommes, Lindsey Downs, Destinie Folsom, and Chanda Curls. Meanwhile, it could be Lisa is next in line to take advantage of her wealthy beau this season.

What to Expect on Love After Lockup Season 4

Love After Lockup spoilers for Season 4 show tense moments between Stan and Lisa. Stan says in teasers that he prefers “younger women”. And in that regard, Lisa certainly fits the bill. Stan says in teaser clips that he believes in love at first sight. But he also acknowledges that it’s something that doesn’t happen very often. So it will be worth watching to see if these two have what it takes to make things work.

Even though Love After Lockup celebs are optimistic when their felon lovers get back on the outside, as watchers know, that’s just the beginning. Not every former criminal chooses the straight and narrow once they are free. In many cases, the former criminals go right back to their lives of crime. So it will be interesting to see how this new pair navigate things – especially with Stan’s two million dollar net worth in play. Be sure to catch the new season of Love After Lockup, only on WEtv.

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