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‘Married at First Sight’: How Karen Pays the Bills

‘Married at First Sight’: How Karen Pays the Bills
Married at First Sight: Karen Landry

Married at First Sight celeb Karen Landry was paired with Miles Williams by the Lifetime experts in New Orleans. How does she bring home the bacon?

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams & Karen Landry Hit Rough Patches Early

Even though Married at First Sight pair Miles Williams and Karen Landry are in a good place now, things didn’t start that way on Season 11 in New Orleans. Karen Landry struggled when it came to opening up to her new husband. Meanwhile, she had her walls up when they first got together as husband and wife.

Along with that, Karen Landry had doubts early about her new guy, Miles Williams. One of her primary concerns was his dating history. Miles had been in ten monogamous relationships before marrying Karen. So not only is he younger than her, but he also put himself out there with many more people than she did.

In addition, Karen Landry came into Married at First Sight with her own dating history baggage. She told Miles Williams on their honeymoon that her ex ended up getting someone pregnant while they were still together. So she had a lot of trust issues to overcome early in the new marriage.

Married at First Sight: Karen Landry - Miles Williams
Married at First Sight: Karen Landry – Miles Williams/YouTube

How Does Karen Pay the Bills?

Married at First Sight tends to cast people that are well off – in both their lives and their careers. Often, all they are missing is a spouse to complete the puzzle. In Karen Landry’s case, she was successful long before her television and YouTube fame with her now-husband.

Karen Landry attended New Orleans University – where she went for marketing and management. She was in the Human Resources niche. But since her Married at First Sight fame, she seems committed to being an online influencer. Either way, she can certainly afford to dabble in creative pursuits. It turns out she has an estimated net worth of $400k – and that’s no small chunk of change.

Married at First Sight: Karen Landry - Miles Williams
Married at First Sight: Karen Landry – Miles Williams/Instagram

Married at First Sight Couple Doing Their Own Thing

Clearly, Karen Landry has all the resources to support herself. But unlike before, she has a life partner in Miles Williams. And together, they continue to grow their brand as a Married at First Sight power couple. They are proof that things can start slow in a marriage and still finish strong.

As a bonus, Karen and Miles often pair up with Woody and Amani Randall for fun double dates and couples’ outings. Meanwhile, it’s something Married at First Sight fans love to see – especially since both couples live so close together. Ultimately, Karen and Miles do their own thing – and they have a solid foundation to build upon that goes well beyond finances.

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