‘Married at First Sight’: Briana & Vincent Ready to Make Babies?

Married at First Sight pair Briana Morris and Vincent Morales decided to stay together on Decision Day. Now that they’re settling into married life, will children soon follow?

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris & Vincent Morales Matched in Atlanta

Married at First Sight first introduced Briana Morris and Vincent Morales during Season 12 in Atlanta. At times, their communication styles clashed. Briana is much more upfront and direct. Meanwhile, Vincent is the more soft-spoken of the two – and at times, he let his emotions get the best of him.

Even with some of those hurdles on Married at First Sight, the couple proved they have what it takes to continue their marriage for the long haul. Vincent Morales and Briana Morris are one of three couples from Season 12 that decided to stay together when it came time to face the music.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales
Married at First Sight: Briana Morris – Vincent Morales/YouTube

Baby-Making Plans in the Works?

As with all Married at First Sight couples, the topic of children always comes up. As watchers know, there are a handful of MAFS babies from successful Lifetime couples that are still going strong. But there have been questions surrounding whether or not Briana and Vincent are on the same page regarding children.

Vincent Morales said he wanted to have children soon after walking down the aisle with Briana Morris. At one point, he said he wanted a nine-month timeline. Meanwhile, Briana is a little more conservative with her window. She said she wanted to wait at least three years before having kids.

Adding to the confusion, Vincent flip-flopped with his timeline too. At times, he went from wanting to stick to his nine-month timeline to wanting to wait three years in order to focus on things like his business. So there are certainly some things they still need to get on the same page about moving forward.

Moreover, there’s more to consider in Briana’s case than simply when. Briana has high blood pressure. Along with that, she is also scared to have children naturally. Vincent did not take this news well on Married at First Sight. But now that they are staying together as a married couple, perhaps he softened his stance where this is concerned.

Married at First Sight: Briana Morris - Vincent Morales
Married at First Sight: Briana Morris – Vincent Morales/Instagram

Married at First Sight Pair Enjoying Married Life

From the looks of it, the Married at First Sight pair still have some things to iron out in terms of when they have children. But with the way their marriage currently goes, it may not be long before that discussion is back on the table. In the meantime, they seem to enjoy the life they build together – and they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Meanwhile, even though the Married at First Sight timeline for having kids may still be up in the air, they seem content to live as husband and wife and enjoy the time they have together.

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