‘Love Is Blind’: Mark Shows Off His Dad Bod – See Pic

Love Is Blind celeb Mark Cuevas has been through a lot since he filmed the Netflix matchmaking show. Meanwhile, he recently showed off his dad bod to his many followers.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas Didn’t Find Love on Netflix Show

Love Is Blind was a big hit when it premiered on Netflix back in 2020. Unlike many dating shows on the air today, the streaming platform original had cast members converse with one another and form connections without ever seeing what the other person looks like.

Other popular matchmaking shows like Married at First Sight have that surprise factor – where husbands and wives don’t see each other face to face until they’re at the altar. Meanwhile, Love Is Blind plays off of that with a similar concept – couples don’t see each other until after they propose.

Love Is Blind watchers remember the love triangle that formed between Mark Cuevas, Amber Pike, and Matt Barnett on the show. Ultimately, Mark got the short end of the stick when Amber chose Barnett. Still, Mark moved on with his life in a big way since filming wrapped on his season.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas
Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas/YouTube

Mark Shows Off His Dad Bod

On Love Is Blind, Mark Cuevas kept himself toned and trim. This certainly makes sense. Because, while filming the Netflix show, he worked as a fitness trainer. Still, a lot has changed for Mark since filming. Even though he didn’t find love on the blind matchmaking show, he found it on his own not long after. In addition to that, he is officially a dad now too.

Meanwhile, based on the latest pics from Mark Cuevas, his relationship status and job title aren’t the only things that changed since watchers first met him on Love Is Blind. It turns out his physique changed as well – and along with welcoming fatherhood, Mark has the dad bod to match.

Mark showed off his Love Is Blind dad bod in recent pics. While showing off the bigger gut, he said he put on 20 pounds since becoming a dad. According to him, “sh** happens”. Meanwhile, even though Mark has been slacking on his fitness routine, he isn’t making any excuses. He told his followers that he is taking responsibility for his actions.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas
Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas/Instagram

Love Is Blind Star Doing His Own Thing

Life certainly got in the way for Mark Cuevas. Balancing moving, his fiance’s pregnancy, and being a dad is a lot for anyone to handle. But through it all, Mark keeps a positive attitude about the whole thing. For Mark, it’s all about getting back “on the saddle” and putting in the “work”.

Meanwhile, even though his workout routine may have taken a hit, Mark Cuevas is genuinely happy with where he is in life. He told his Love Is Blind followers that he is “proud” of the life he has – and that he is happy with himself. So even though he packed on a few pounds, it seems Mark lives his best life as a family man – and he has the dad bod to prove it.

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