‘Marrying Millions’: Nonie & Reese Get Cozy Between the Sheets

Marrying Millions couple Nonie Creme and Reese Record spent all day between the sheets recently. If any Lifetime watchers wonder if they’re still together, the latest photo of the pair certainly confirms this. What else did the pair reveal?

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme & Reese Record Spend Time Between the Sheets

Nonie Creme recently shared an intimate photo with her younger lover, Reese Record. The pair were recently on the latest season of Marrying Millions. Because of this, many watchers want to know what the duo are up to since filming wrapped. Meanwhile, the latest photo of the pair certainly offers more than a few hints.

Based on what Nonie Creme revealed, it wasn’t all fun and games for the couple. Even though the pair look nice and comfy in bed together, there’s another reason why they spent time curled up between the sheets. It turns out, Reese Record suffers from “terrible migraines”. Due to this, he asks Nonie to stay in bed with him. And as the latest photo shows, she certainly obliges.

Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme - Reese Record
Marrying Millions: Nonie Creme – Reese Record/Instagram

Nonie & Reese’s Journey So Far

Nonie Creme is a fan-favorite Marrying Millions celeb. Whether or not the regular Joe cast members are with their richer counterparts for love or money is always a question with each new couple. Meanwhile, judging by their journey so far, there’s a genuine spark between Nonie and Reese.

As Marrying Millions watchers know, Reese Record popped the question in the Season 2 finale – and Nonie Creme said yes. Meanwhile, judging by their current updates, they are very much still an item. And even though Reese suffers from bad migraines, at least he has Nonie there to offer some comfort.


Will Marrying Millions Couple Be in a New Season?

Lifetime hit it out of the park with Marrying Millions. The relatively new show has gained a massive following among watchers. Meanwhile, after the way things ended on Season 2, many fans want to know if there’s a Season 3 in the works from the network – as well as when they can expect it.

Nonie Creme recently thanked her Marrying Millions fans for all the support. She also added that the network still hasn’t come to an official decision regarding the fate of Season 3. However, she said that there should be a decision in the next month or so. So it may not be long before there’s an official word from up high.

Nonie Creme added that both she and Reese Record would love to come back for another season. In the meantime, it’s clear their relationship is still going strong – and it may not be long before watchers see more of it on-screen.

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