‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Reaches Major Milestone

Love After Lockup star Tony reached a major milestone recently. Meanwhile, Angela Gail was there to cheer him on. What did the former felon do?

Love After Lockup: Tony Reaches a Huge Goal

What former Love After Lockup felons do with themselves is always a major question once they get out of the clink. Assuming they manage to stay out, how they spend their time is always a big question. Meanwhile, based on what Tony did recently, it’s clear how he has been spending his time.

It turns out, Angela Gail’s Love After Lockup flame recently graduated from Holmes Community College in Goodman, Mississippi. With this new goal reached, Tony told his WEtv followers that he is “so freaking happy”. He went on to thank everyone that has supported him – and all those that never gave up on him. Meanwhile, he seems over the moon with his latest achievement.

Love After Lockup: Tony - Angela Gail
Love After Lockup: Tony – Angela Gail/Facebook

Angela Gail By Her Man’s Side

Tony smiles big in his latest Love After Lockup graduation photo. In addition, Angela Gail is right there by his side. Watchers know that he and Angela have a long and often volatile history. Still, they always seem to find their way back to one another. And it’s clear she was there to support her man on his big day.

The Love After Lockup couple confirmed their relationship status a few months ago. On an episode of Life Goes On, the pair confirmed that they are once again an item. Despite Tony’s womanizing ways, Angela Gail can’t seem to stay away from her younger lover. And at least for now, they seem to be in a good place in their relationship.

Love After Lockup Couple Still Going Strong

Angela Gail and Tony are one of the most recognizable couples from the Love After Lockup franchise. They’ve had a lot of iconic moments as a pair. Fans remember Angela burning all of Tony’s things in her front yard. In addition, there was a list of rules she put on the fridge. Angela made Tony sign it – and according to her, the list is still on the refrigerator.

Not long ago, Angela debuted a brand new smile. She went in for work on her teeth – and she loves showing off her new designer chompers. You can see it on full display in her recent photo with Tony during his graduation. Meanwhile, despite their history of breaking and making up, the WEtv pair are still going strong currently. It may only be a matter of time before another issue pops up for the pair. But at least for now, they seem to be in a good place as a couple.

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